We export garlic to several international buyers.

Product Profile

Garlic is considered a vegetable because of it bulb, tall stem, and long leaves. Though widely used as an herb or spice.  It belong to the onion family, alongside shallots, leeks and chives. Although the leaves and stems are edible, the bulb which comprised of 10-20 cloves is most frequently eaten. It’s covered in a paper-like husk that is typically removed before consumption. Unlike other vegetables, garlic is rarely consumed in large amounts on its own. Instead it’s usually added to dishes in small amount because of its strong taste.

The global production of garlic in 2019 was 30.7 million metric ton with China being the world largest producer with 23.7 million metric ton, followed by India with 2.9 million metric ton. Bangladesh with 466,390 metric ton is third and South Korea comes fourth with 387,670 metric ton. Nigeria production of garlic in 2019 was 100,280 metric ton.

In Nigeria, garlic is grown commercially under irrigation during the dry season between the months of November to March when the temperature is low. The garlic bulbs are mature for harvest about four to five months after planting. It is harvested when the leaves turn yellow or brown and begin to fall over. Our export of garlic at Acme Global Merchants Ltd is made throughout the year.

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Our Garlic Export Specifications:

Trade Specifications:

Product Origin:                        Nigeria

     Product Type:                          Garlic

     Product Quantity:                   Buyer’s Specification

     Product Price:                          Negotiable/Metric Ton

     Trial Order:                               20 Metric Ton (loaded in one 20” FCL) 

     Trade Process:                         Ex Work/FOB/CIF

     Payment Method:                  100% Irrevocable SBLC or L/C at sight 

           Shipping Time:                        15 – 25 days after confirmation of L/C

           Loading Port:                           Lagos, Nigeria

Quality Specification

Impurities:                –           1% – 2% Maximum

  Moisture Content:   –           8% – 10% Maximum

  Inspection:                –            SGS, Interk, Bureau Veritas, Cotecna

Expected Shipping Documents

  • Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of Origin
  • SGS Inspection Certificate
  • Phytosanitary Certificate
  • Fumigation Certificate
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List

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